N-Europe Review: Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner

Nathan Whincup writes:

''Before the birth of Telltale Games, the point-and-click adventure game was at risk of dying a slow and painful death. The popularity of the genre saw a recent unexpected and swift decline following a massive success in the '80's and '90's, with LucasArts being one of the only companies still putting out adventures like the Monkey Island series and Grim Fandango. When the company cancelled a new installment in the niche Sam & Max series for no apparent reason, many employees took this as their cue to leave LucasArts and start Telltale Games, who pretty much resurrected the point-and-click game single-handedly.

Telltale introduced the concept of episodic gaming with the Bone and Sam & Max series', with the prospect of having a brand new story to put even the greatest of wits to the test every month having fans salivating at the greatness of the new point-and-click messiah. This month we can finally see the wonder of what happens when some of the greatest minds in the downloadable gaming industry strike a deal with some of the greatest minds in the Flash cartoon industry.''

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