Check Out Xenoblade Chronicles X’s New Launch Trailer

Are you excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X, the Wii U exclusive mech-based JRPG by Monolith Soft coming to Western markets this week? Take a peek at the official launch trailer for the title (below) showcasing some of the best environments, clashes, and story beats.

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Big_Game_Hunters1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Oh my... Christmas, came early.
So did i watching this trailer.

Edit. After watching it again and seeing the last part... Don't finish the trailer. The spoilers are real. stop after it shows the versions you can buy. NOE wtf? thats some NOA tier shit.

wonderfulmonkeyman1105d ago

It's technically not spoilers without proper context, but it's better not to watch the ending because it'll make it easier to figure out who's talking as the storyline goes on and might EVENTUALLY cause a spoiler.

So yeah, cut away from the video before the last 10 seconds or so if you want to watch it without potential spoilers later, guys.

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spicelicka1105d ago

Well at least you have a white Christmas...

Microtransactions1105d ago

Eh not interested in this now that it has been censored. No point bringing these games over to the west if they are just going to be censored.

LightofDarkness1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

She's wearing more culturally acceptable clothing. It's a 13 year old, who look like a 10 year old, wearing boob tape and dental floss. It's a paedophile's dream. I have no issues with them toning that down a bit for western cultures where that's simply not OK.

I hate unnecessary censorship, but it feels a bit more necessary or acceptable in this instance. There are exceptions to all rules.

leemass241105d ago

theres only two things been changed, 1 is they covered a 13 year old girls cleavage up and second is the boob slider, if you really want to nitpick on those two things then it really shows the state of so called gamers this day n age. its quite sad you're willing to miss this game on those two things.

deafdani1105d ago

So, a game that offers up to 300 hours worth of gameplay (if not more) is not worth of getting localised for the west because they got rid of... a boob slider and trashy clothes on a 13 year old character?


brokasfawk1102d ago

I need this game in my life even if I don't finish it...