Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty is 2.3GB

The PSN title, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, weighs in at 2.3GB.

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chaosatom3747d ago

That's good use of those 15 bucks.

LeSouteneur3747d ago

it'll also be available on disc, right?

CHRP7183747d ago

Blu-ray release only in Europe.

Cajun Chicken3746d ago

Tempted to get Blu-Ray just for sake of Artwork and possibly instruction book. Depends how much more it costs for packaging like Warhawk, I guess.

TVC153746d ago

but the download times are going to be horrendously painful

Polluted3746d ago

@TVC15: It's really no worse than downloading a couple of demos.

Milky3746d ago

If it doesnt cost any more than I will get blu-ray version.

Homicide3746d ago

The download is pretty small. Thank goodness. Ratchet is always full of fun.

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pwnsause3747d ago

so how is this news? it just shows you that there is no limit for PSN download sizes, which means better games. Sony is following the footsteps of Steam.

The Matrix3746d ago

2.3 GB not bad considering that some PS3 games take 4+ GB just for the install (oblivion, haze, MGS4, devil may cry to name a few).

Hope to find a PSN card before this game comes out.

devilhunterx3746d ago

And here I thought M$ said that DD is the future..

Aclay3746d ago

Yeah I know, Microsoft is doing all this talk about Digital Downloads but Sony are the ones that are offering full versions of their games like GT5P and Warhawk for download on the PSN, but I don't see Microsoft offering Gears of War or Halo 3 for download on Xbox Live.

DaKid3746d ago

yeah whats up with that? Maybe its coming soon, seeing as they will let people rip games to the hard drive. just let us Download it already.

tatotiburon3746d ago

are you comparing a demo game and a only multiplayer game with two bigger retail games? with both story gameplay and multiplayer?

Old Snake3746d ago

Yikes 2gb? Looks pretty good, but I'll need to get a new hard-drive.

Gamekilla3746d ago

can't take more sony...ohh well, i'll play and delete....or take out some demos/videos

Roukuko3746d ago

buy a 320g harddrive man never have to delete ps3 stuff again

badz1493746d ago

what? you're seriously considering to download the game, play it, finish it then delete?? over demos/videos?? dude, demos are free but not this! I guess you're truly a 'Game'killa! should just put it as 'Demo'killa instead!

hmm...wait, that sounds pretty good...I might consider it for myself

SixTwoTwo3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Hey at least you can download, delete, download, delete your downloadables as many times as you need to with no penalties.

Hagaf223746d ago

yeah i went up to 120 gigs last winter and im near full again, but its nice to not have to put a disc in for certain games if i want to play them...gt5p warhawk siren along with the mass of psn titles...

BiggDaddy3113746d ago

If I buy a bigger Harddrive for my PS3 do I just pop it in and it formats automatically or do I need some kinda of instruction set for somewhere?

badz1493746d ago

this is to answer your question. wth did I agreed with that but whatever! if you want to upgrade the HDD, always make sure you back-up you old HDD using PS3's back-up utility! you will need an external FAT32 HDD for that! then you can change the HDD and the ps3 will do the formating for you! after that, you can restore your back-up data to your new HDD. just remember 1 thing! always back-up your data 1st before doing anything!

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enjoi1873746d ago

to bad when people with 40 gb run out...what are they to do...lame sony

EnforcerOfTheTruth3746d ago

lmao you mean lame MS, PS3 users can upgrade the HDD for cheap buddy. I get here 320GB for as low as €70. Sheet a game costs €69, Live costs €60 ;)

badz1493746d ago

haha...lame you!! what are you doing here? trolling? because I can see you're doing great at it! you mentioned about 40GB, but at least they have 40GB! how about the 20GB? aren't you going to mention that also?

you know what is lame? M$ mentioning all this DD thing but they gave you core and arcade 360! then they sell overpriced HDD to them! that's beyond LAME! it SUCKS!!

SixTwoTwo3746d ago

Its real lame that all hard drives have a limited amount of space and eventually run out. Its lame that Sony didn't use a state of the art Western Digital 5000 infinity drive that never runs out of space. Real f*****g shame. Damn you Sony for giving us a hard drive that doesn't have unlimited space --__--

UnDone143746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Not only can you install a bigger non-proprietary hard drive, but I think you can also plug in an external hard drive!

Theoretically, I think you can even save PSN content to a flash drive. I'm positive you can save media and game saves, but not sure about full games or demos...

Figboy3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

pimping your console as a haven for digital distribution, but not including a hard drive standard with EVERY SKU, thus forcing those that want DD to buy the more expensive unit (negating the need for the "cheaper" HDD-less one in the first place), or buy the over-priced HDD peripheral.

juuken3746d ago

...Your ignorance astounds me.

Sony gives you a choice of upgrading your space, unlike a certain company who restricts you to the space you have on the console. So um...Sony is the smarter ones here.

badz1493746d ago

M$ is smarter in terms of mind controlling their users this gen! faulty hardware, overpriced HDD, fee for online MP...and it works well so far!

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