You Don't Have to Be a Nerd

N'Gai Croal writes:

"I still get questions every now and then from people looking for advice on how to get their hands on a Nintendo Wii. But more and more, I'm hearing stories from people who've already scored one and are still rhapsodizing about it months after taking possession of the slim white console. The gushing comes from some of the most unexpected people. The grill man at my favorite New York burger joint told me last week that in his household, he mows down zombies in Resident Evil 4, his wife works out using Wii Fit, and he's introducing his son to the classic games of his youth via the Wii's download service. Similarly, a cardiologist friend of mine and his medical-resident girlfriend use Wii Golf to unwind; when they have friends over on the weekends, the same relaxing game turns into a fierce competition."

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Viktor E3778d ago

It does not possess the Flop of the Decade http://celinediontoohuman.y...

fafoon3778d ago

Keep posting them !!
They are F*kin Hilarious

dude_uk3778d ago


hilarious picture considering the title...
wasn't this one of the guys on GT's MGS4 bonus rounds?

himdeel3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )'s like a board game you can bring out every so often when you have company over. It makes your company look absolutely ridiculous as they flail their arms around for your amusement and you seem like an excellent host but haven't done a thing. Brilliant!!

Dude_uk yes he was on there for like 3 weeks straight...give or take a day.

dude_uk3778d ago

hahaha briliant conclusion about the Wii

bubbles =D

Rhezin3778d ago

you f!cking insect, you need to be squashed.

fafoon3778d ago

Need your Bottom Smacking off your Mummy !!!

spectyre3778d ago

N'gai Croal="Rasta-nerd"

BrotherNick3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

But the word from someone who straddles both worlds—"X-Men" screenwriter David Hayter, who's also the voice of game icon Solid Snake—is "relax." "These games will open up new audiences and new sources of revenue, which, ironically enough, will provide the funding for more-expensive, better-realized games for the geek crowd," he says.

Now hardcore stfu. Very few companies make it without whoring themselves for a bit. -_-;