Whats Wrong With Diablo 3's Graphics?

GamersPlatform Writes:

"Lately, I have heard many gamers complaining about Diablo 3's graphics. No matter how hard I try, I just dont see why the hell everyone hates them so much.

I hear people saying "They aren't as dark as before" and "They're just trying to copy World of Warcraft." I just dont see it that way. Sure, some of the areas are very light, maybe thats because it's during the day? Usually it's pretty light out in the afternoon. Diablo 3 still has plenty of dark dungeons and other places. I also doubt that they are trying to copy WoW. Blizzard is just trying out some new scenery and seeing how it all works out..."

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Daver3659d ago

its not all about gameplay like the article says... graphics play a big role too...

but I'm alright with new concept for diablo 3, it is different and we didnt see much yet so theres still place for a lot of surprise

InMyOpinion3659d ago

What's wrong with journalists complaining about Diablo 3?

TornRaptor3659d ago

If the fans hadn't complained about it being to colorfull, I doubt that journalists would be complaining now.
The game seems to be shaping up nicely based on the little info that is available, looking forward to more info in the future.

Jeebus3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )


And either way I don't think it's anyone's business how they decide to make their game. I was pretty disappointed with The Wind Waker's graphical style at first, but I'm glad they stuck with it. I ended up really enjoying the game.

I agree with the article, and people should just give feedback and not demand certain changes, and petitions? really?

--Onilink--3659d ago

wow you people should learn to read the articles before comenting... he's saying there's nothing wrong with the graphics and he's complaining about the people that send the petition

Altered_Soul3659d ago

Honestly, I just want everyone to stop complaining in general. Let Blizzard work things out internally, let them craft something that could potentially be as memorable as, well, all of their titles have been so far.

If its not, well then Diablo III doesn't do as well. We as gamers have the advantage to look towards other titles that could topple the Diablo throne of hack and slash action RPGs.

Its all a big "if". Hell we don't even know how far out the game is.

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The story is too old to be commented.