Diablo 3 Art Controversy

No Diablo-fan can have missed the fact that Blizzard's Art Direction on Diablo III has upset a number of people, and there are a lot of "juicy" details available that some might have missed. and has done an article about it all. The article contains information ranging from the colour inconsistencies with previous games, the "pastel" graphics, rainbows and bunnies as well as Blizzard answers and positive fan responses. Still, why DID the Lead Art Director quit so timely with the complaints, and are there more interesting things happening behind the scenes?

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Leord3629d ago

I think the Penny-arcade strip explains it all best. The Necromartyr has done all he can ^^

Daxx3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Penny-Arcade pretty much nailed this stupid art direction issue smack dab on the head.

DJDarkstar3629d ago

Lol too true man too true. A lot of interesting goings on in the realms of blizz it seems. :P

Leord3629d ago

BTW, this is the URL to that Penny-Arcade comic strip:

Maticus3629d ago

Interesting stuff, thanks :)

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