Square Enix sells A Million Copies of Dragon Quest V

Back in late July, Square Enix announced it had shipped a million copies of title Dragon Quest V in Japan. Now Square Enix is back with another DQV announcement: The company has sold a million copies of the DS remake, which went on sale July 17th in Japan. Let this be a lesson to everyone! Shipped and sold are not the same.

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ass_divine3749d ago

"Let this be a lesson to everyone! Shipped and sold are not the same"

Good advice!

PS360WII3749d ago

Go Dragon Quest go! :) One million in one month for a remake I wonder how much DQIX will sell in a month?

Fernando Rocker3749d ago

And this is just a remake.

Just imagine how much Dragon Quest IX will sell, specially if Nintendo makes a bundle or a special edition DS.

Myst-Vearn3749d ago

Japanese sure love remakes ..I wonder how much DQIX is going to sell probably 2+ millions

RealityCheck3749d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Too bad though it (DQIX) will be somewhat limited (graphics) by the platform it's coming out on.

EDIT: To the disagrees and the "no limitation" claims.

This is what we had last time:

And this is what people will get this time:

PS360WII3749d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

There is no limitation to DQIX on the DS at all. It's a very traditional game that plays on old school. It wouldn't fit on a home console really now-a-days maybe Wii or PS2 but not PS3/360 really. Seems the time of random battles with turn based gameplay is for the handhelds now while the home consoles get the action RPGs where you see the enemies on the playing field

Edit: Reality and this is what we had with 7 on PS1

Dragon Quest VI on SNES

Kind of see something going on? Oh yeah Dragon Quest was never about the graphics just awesome gameplay formula and story. As you can see from your screens you showed not much is missing in terms of cell shading on the DS version

theKiller3748d ago

i liked the new RPG's and action one's because like that u can enjoy the fighting more, the worst thing in the old school RPG's is that u keep running in some fields and every few seconds the sound of glass broken pops up and into battle, after many hours it can get u headache!!

but i still think ff7 should be the same with extras and improved graphics and physics! or unless they make a real good action RPG then they can change that in ff7, any way we will have to see how FF13 turns out

PS360WII3748d ago

Oh yeah I'm not saying action RPGs aren't any good. I'm saying that turn based RPGs are going to the way side on home consoles. Which is why you see a lot of these turn based rpgs going to the handhelds.

I'm more in favor of random battles/turn based gameplay for my RPGs but that's just me :)

When talking of a FFVII remake I can only hope they make it all the same just bigger and better but I know they wouldn't and that's why I don't want it to happen heh

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kewlkat0073748d ago

Nintendo and SE are rolling in dough..and that's just REMAKES

PS360WII3748d ago

To be fair Dragon Quest V and VI never made it outside of Japan the first time around