New screenshots of Too Human

A french site has published some new screnshots of Too Human .

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Viktor E3542d ago

Truly a Flop available Exclusively on the Xbox 360 Platform

morganfell3542d ago

There is another never before seen screen of Too Human here:

Viktor E3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

What a Flop Too Human is,what a Flop indeed http://celinediontoohuman.y...

Booourns3542d ago

I'm not a fanboy but thats just plain silliness right there. I lol'ed at that and the fact that some people based their whole lives on seeing a console fail

Shane Kim3542d ago

hahahahhaha very nice pic Victor E :D:D.

InMyOpinion3542d ago

It's pretty creative for a kid who does not know how to reason.

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Johnny Cullen3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )



PirateThom3542d ago

Doesn't this picture just sum up the reaction to Too Human since that review came out?

pp3542d ago

All of a sudden one bad review makes a game a flop Hahahaha f*ckin droids

PimpHandStrong3542d ago

just wait till other trusted sources start reviewing the game!

i think 6.75 from GI will look good

morganfell3542d ago

Another reviewer has already posted his write-up:


juuken3541d ago

Keep telling yourself that dear. There are some really good games on the's just that you haven't searched hard enough.


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chrisnick3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

after a 6.75...who cares?.....i wasted time almost finishing that demo.

uhh quick the hell did ign give heavenly sword a 7?....granted the game was short but it was actually pretty fun...i thought it was awesome would have gotten an 8 from me at least.

morganfell3542d ago

HALO 3 is a great game. A landmark achievement in gaming. I have so much HALO stuff here it is ridiculous. But the fact is it took me longer to finish Heavenly Sword than it did HALO3 on Heroic alone.

KBDuB3542d ago

And, ya know what, I found Too Human fun. I could give two shts if the graphics aren't "up to par." I judge games on the FUN factor first, then replay value, then graphics.

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