X-Play review: Madden NFL 09 (5/5)

Gaming's most popular sports franchise is back, this time with Online Leagues and a incredible new animations with EA's Madden NFL 09 for multiple platforms.

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cellfluid3777d ago

I can't actually say that ea has redeem they self.. Well football wise.....

ATLRoAcH3777d ago

He just had to talk sh!t about the Falcons. As if it isn't already hard enough being a Falcon fan, I have to here it from him. I think we'll be better than a lot of people think this year. I hope so. We saw all 4 QBs play Saturday and they we're all good. Matt Ryan played really well. I think he'll do just fine in the NFL. DJ Shockley can run the ball if needed and do something with a bad play like Vick could do. So with all this, Turner and Norwood as RBs, and an offensive line that doesn't look to shabby, I think we'll do alright. Our defense needs some work though. I don't know about playoffs but anything is better than last year. The team went through a lot last year. They lost Vick and we had a punk a$$ coach that quit on us (Petrino).