EA’s Real Racing 3 For Mobile Gets New Cars & New Special Events

This Holiday season, Real Racing 3 is giving you access to some of the rarest, most exclusive cars in the world in the Hypercars Update available on mobile devices.

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GrapesOfRaf1110d ago

That Vulcan is one sexy car

Digital_Anomaly1110d ago

Racing on mobile is a thing?

I only play Angry Birds when I'm on the crapper...

MercilessDMercer1110d ago

PvZ and Clash of Clans for me

MzDino1110d ago

Fallout Shelter and Hearthstone over here.

NiteX1110d ago

I play Angry Birds Go! on the crapper.

Skate-AK1109d ago

Its a really popular game. It has been out for a couple years and they make millions.

Digital_Anomaly1109d ago

Bruh, you read way too far into a joke.

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generalwinter1110d ago

Can't believe how realistic it is.

cmd1110d ago

But due to the fact its EA they will be all be DLC. Season pass starting at $59

quantumofmalice1110d ago

Actually it costs about $59 for 1 car. That's worth more than my real f'n car!