LittleBigPlanet pre-order details from Amazon and Gamestop

Amazon and Gamestop has released LittleBigPlanet's pre-order details.

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[email protected]3476d ago

Tough... tough decision. ARG!

spectyre3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Tough decision but I'll go with the one that gets this beauty in my hands quicker. Gamestop it is. Hopefully they do a midnight launch.

f7897903476d ago

Thats what I did with Burnout Paradise. I have the cars from walmart, circuit city, and best buy.

What I really want is a real sackboy to place on top of my ps3.

Milky3476d ago

If these dont come to EU I will be PISSED !! Sony please remember that America isnt the only place on earth !

LiquifiedArt3476d ago

I want the acutal Kratos and Nariko Sackboy dolls.

And also the in-game skins. :D

iceman28853476d ago

Some toy company, Sony, or MediaMolecule is dropping the ball here if they don't try to get some sackboy hackey-sack type doll on the market with the game.

It would be a big collector's item for us gamers and it might even get some parents to buy this game (and maybe even a system) for younger children because of the appearance/cuteness of the sackboy toys (don't even underestimate the stupidity of a consumer parent buying the hot item for their child).

Electricear3476d ago

I suddenly had visions of McDonald's happy meals coming with various sack boy/girl incarnations... If this happens I'm sure my nephew will end up with the whole set.

Cenobia3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I'm waiting on the pre-order that will give me the Nariko sackgirl. I don't really care about any of the cloths/hair she has, but I definitley want the Heavenly Sword.

For some reason I find her sword cooler than Kratos'.

Also, does this site just copy/paste from PS3 fanboy? Both this article and the pre-order bonus article are exactly the same. So is the one about Ratchet and Clank being 2.4gb....and almost everything else.

pp3476d ago

LittleBigPlanet pre-orders Hahahahahahahaha who the hell would pre-order that that is so funny

SpecialSauce3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

dont u think that xbox exclusive got lots of inspiration from this game? u know that game where u run around as a bear smuggling a stupid @ss bird around that dosn't do shyt and going off and build boats. yeah that game must be sooooo much funner. o btw i can build boats in LBP too...... plus MUCH MORE.

LevDog3476d ago

Coming from a guy with a banjo kazooie avatar.. HAHAHA whens the last time that game was in the news.. or better yet whens the last time that game has got good previews..

LBP is dominating the news.. Gears 2 cant even hold a candle to LBP right now.. LBP is the talk of every gamer show and event.. You might want to rethink what console you own

Banjo kazooie pssshhh idiot

Microsoft_Spokesman3476d ago

Yeah, who will pre-order probably one of the best games ever?! Lets all go and pre-order the poors man LBP, banjoo-koozie!

Cajun Chicken3476d ago

If the same deals don't come out in the UK I see myself spending a helluva lot of money on merchandise. Hell, I see myself doing that anyway. It'll beat all that unnecessary Gears of War and Resident Evil merchandise people wear around here.

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The story is too old to be commented.