Suikoden Tierkreis, An online MMORPG?

GamersPlatform Writes:

In a recent search for news about a future Suikoden game, I was shocked to discover that Konami Digital Entertainment in the United States has trademarked a new Suikoden title, naming it Suikoden Tierkreis. According to the trademark information, Tierkreis is licensed under an online video-game. Could the next Suikoden game be an MMORPG?

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Palodios3627d ago

Dear Konami:

This mmorpg thing is a bad idea.

Every fan of the incredible Suikoden series.

Lucreto3627d ago

I will sign that as well.

I hate MMORPG.

Lucreto3626d ago

This news has been out for the last 6 days