8.9 Review: Braid

Carlos Macias of reviews 'Braid' for the Xbox LIVE Arcade. According to Carlos, "Braid's asking price might be a tad steeper than what we're used to ponying up on XBLA but well worth the investment".

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Viktor E3777d ago

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Fat Princess3777d ago

I can't stop laughing LOL

GiantEnemyCrab3777d ago

LOL! You keep on waiting for those leftovers while I am playing another AAA XBLA title now!

Why does every comment you make followed by Fat P? Is this some kind of comment foreplay for you 2 butt pirates?

mrjuandrful3777d ago

The title of the game "Braid" confused me since i thought it had something to do with a hair salon game. They make games for everything nowadays...