Ten Massively Expensive Video Game Failures

"Big budget video games are big gambles. Here are the video game industry's ten most expensive failures."

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AudioEppa1111d ago

In you're opinion, of course ;)

winter_hill1110d ago

Homefront was good, I really enjoyed that one. Can't wait for the open-world follow-up next year.

SolidGear31110d ago

Beyond: Two Souls is a masterpiece!

FallenAngel19841110d ago

Why is Disney Infinity on this list? That game is a huge cash cow for Disney

Mikefizzled1110d ago

Duke Nukem was profitable, albeit not for all parties involved.
No idea where you got $63m for Ghost Recon. Closest I could find was $53m.
Disney Infinity is an awful call at No 1. though. It is making an absolute killing. Forbes estimate it has made $500m in revenue. I'm baffled you managed to pick a game making that much money as a failure.