Final Fantasy XIII Versus high quality Shonen Jump scans

Here are some high quality screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII Versus from the Shonen Jump magazine.

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SuKiT3696d ago

Why is this in the 360 section? I wonder.............

JUUKENS HOT3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

i cant wait for this game, and with LBP and home around the corner man it feels good to be a ps3 owner

kevnb3696d ago

but whats exciting about home? Lets just replace that with God of War 3, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Infamous, DC online etc...

Tacticity3696d ago

They must be on MS payroll. Its F annyoing the game isent even for xbox.

Viktor E3696d ago

Nomura does not want to downgrade his title,thus he has opted to not develop FF13 Versus for the dying Xbox 360 Platform http://celinediontoohuman.y...

360 man3696d ago

well were getting final fantasy 13 which is the main game

OmarJA3696d ago

yeah too bad u are getting a crappy port on 13 dvds

Adriana Lima3696d ago

how do you do the song/pics on that site?

Ninja-Sama3696d ago

you win with that one lol!

GOTY 20073696d ago

Nasim that was so funny

PS3 is still a horrible console though, ; )

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alster233696d ago

does anyone know how nomura feels about ff13 going multiplat?

Avto3696d ago

Well Tetsuya is not in charge of FFXIII he's just a character designer for it, but he is the director of Versus and his game is not multiplat, at least for now, Nomura has said many times he likes PS3 and his team has been working on the game with PS3 in mind.

alster233696d ago

yeah im know he plans to keep versus exclusive but i want to know how he feels with ff13 going multiplat.

God of N4G3696d ago

The FFXIII team had the go ahead to max out FFXIII for PS3 development. Look where that got us! I'm throwing the smart money out that greedy square will turn this multi.

alster233696d ago

so im assuming hes somewhat pissed?

devilhunterx3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

why dont YOU email and ask him?

AAACE53696d ago

I would imagine he feels good, knowing that his game will be bought and played by as many people as possible. Without the potential buyer having to worry about which system the game is on!

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Avto3696d ago

Well, I don't think it is his concern I mean all he has to do is make this characters right? I doubt DL-DVD doesn't have enough space to hold textures needed for his work. Thing is I doubt that Sony is worried about FFXIII going multiplat, I mean they are SE 3rd biggest shareholder so any profit Square makes goes into Sony pockets.

Tony240ZT3696d ago

There's this thing called disk spanning, have you heard of it? Can you imagine the days when a game came out on more than one disk. I know, I know. It was terrible right?
I wouldn't ignore the possibility of game going multi platform just because it's larger than ~8gigs.

Avto3696d ago

good one Tony240ZT I was playing games before disks were adopted as game media.

AAACE53696d ago

(not talking about you) Sony fanboys have been filled with so much hate for FFXIII going multiplat that they overlooked the fact that sony holds stock, so this will benefit them too!

I was wondering when someone would have figured that out! It's a shame it took so long.

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The story is too old to be commented.