Ultimate PSP add-ons

Electric Pig writes: "The PSP might be a gaming handheld but it's got other party tricks too. From enjoying your favourite soaps to chatting up foreigners with the power of translation, the PSP can do the lot.
Of course, it needs a little help to do all this, and that's why we've rounded up the best PSP add-ons of all time."

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LevDog3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I want a PSP bad.. but im scared they will come out with PSP2 in the next year or so.. What to do, What to do?

MikeGdaGod3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

buy one from Best Buy with an in-store extended warranty. then if a new one comes out in the next two years, take the one you have back and tell them something is wrong with it. they'll give you a new one but if nothing is there but the newer models you'll get that. that's how i got my silver PSP slim for free even though i had the original fatty. just make sure that when you bring it back, the old model is completely phased out.

if they don't come out with a newer model, at least the one you have will be completely covered no matter what you do to it. problem solved

LevDog3780d ago

NIIIICE, Never even thought of that.. Thanx.. I think I might do that

RAM MAGNUMS3780d ago

keep ps3 news front page!
this is now a playstation site.
keep it current & satisfy your fans!

Let's the xbots go to g4. Who needs them?
They are just run of the mil customers suckered
into thinking they are gamers.

Ps3 is global! Its a playstation nation.
news for real gamers. Who play games instead of what?
private chatting.
ps3 aint no toy! Its a lifestyle!

Fadixon3780d ago

im in the same boat as u LevDog i lost my first psp and have been wanting a psp for a long time but im scared sony might announce a new psp soon :(

cliffbo3780d ago

that goes for any device though. just bite the bullet and buy one now, it'll do everything you need it to do. and what i think the new PSP will be (when it finally releases in some distant future) is mostly the slim with a few of the add ons included in the hardware. just buy the damn thing, it's awesome and the games!!!! just pure delight...

Sheddi3780d ago

dont need to worry, its sont were talking about!
their product lifespan is great!

Microsoft_Spokesman3780d ago

PSP sucks. We prefer the hand-held heater we're working on.

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