Palgn: SoulCalibur IV Review

Palgn writes: "Now that the HD generation is in full swing, some may be surprised at the dearth of fighting games. Well, we did get Virtua Fighter 5 last year and the next Mortal Kombat and Tekken 6 are on the way, but at least we've now got Soul Calibur IV, the latest in the much vaunted fighting series featuring intense weapon-based comabt. The series is looking to bounce back after the muted reception of Soul Calibur III, particuarly in comparison to its predecessors. The Soul Edge/Calibur series happens to have an interesting story surrounding two legendary blades: Soul Edge (re: the evil one) and Soul Calibur (re: the good one) as well as numerous characters and their back stories. The story is a tad skimpy in Soul Calibur IV, but it revolves around the king of an ancient civilization named Algol, that has come across and acquired the power of both the legendary blades, and each character in the game has their reason for wanting to stop him."

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