Worthplaying Review: The SimCity Box

WP reports:

''The SimCity Box is an attractive compilation of some of the most recent SimCity strategy games. Although the package is marketed as five games in one, it's actually only three unique games plus two expansions. The SimCity Box includes SimCity 4 Deluxe with the Rush Hour expansion, SimCity Societies with the Destinations expansion, and the arcade-styled SnapCity from the Sims Carnival series. As a bonus, a preview of the Creature Creator from Will Wright's highly anticipated Spore game is included. Each of the three SimCity titles includes in-game tutorials, which provide paperless introductions to all necessary gameplay basics. The games are provided on a total of four CDs.

There will be very few gamers who are not familiar with the SimCity franchise. Although most of the improvements over its 19 years have been cosmetic in nature, the game's four incarnations have continued to challenge gamers both creatively and intellectually. The game allows you to either work on improving the quality of existing cities or regions, or to create new ones from scratch. As you take on the role of mayor, you must carefully assess the ongoing needs of your growing city while carefully managing the city's budget.''

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