Urban Race (X360/PC) Needs A Publisher - Screens & Trailer

WorthPlaying wrties: "When last week 10Tacle filed for bankruptcy, its Belgian studio, working on Totems, had to shut down. In a last-ditch effort to finance itself, a spin-off was under development, Urban Race. Labeled as Burnout meets Assassin's creed, Urban Race is a blend between Parkour, a fluid, efficient and acrobatic physical discipline, and aggressive and violent takedowns of opponents using the environment and handy weapons."

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La Chance3779d ago

looks like it can be an ok game.
Hope it finds a publisher otherwise its alor of work for nothing.

RainOfTerror3779d ago

The trailer makes it look a lot better than what you can see from the screens.

Looks like a fun game ...

360 man3779d ago

they really copied splinter cell double agent

RainOfTerror3779d ago

Splinter Cell ? I can see Prince of Persia, maybe a little Mirror's Edge, but Splinter Cell?

360 man3779d ago

play the splinter cell double agent multi player and you will no exactly wat im talkin about

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The story is too old to be commented.