Gamer 2.0 Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer Impressions

Gamer 2.0 reports:

''Red Faction has long been a popular series for shooter fans. With an interesting setting, high-tech weaponry and an engaging storyline, the first two games were indeed fun to trek through. With the latest addition into the series launching sometime next year, THQ and developer Volition have given gamers the chance to try out the multiplayer aspects of Red Faction: Guerilla ahead of time. So how does the destructive mayhem fare against the other heavy-hitting multiplayer games…read on to find out!

Red Faction: Guerilla once again puts players on the ground atop Mars, and the levels surely represent a high intensity of red colors. There are only three maps in the beta, all of which look identical to one another and lack any sense of creativity. For example, each level only has a slew of bunkers, mountains that skim the background, and a bunch of red sand. Mix and match these variables a bit and you have the different maps, albeit a few sunsets and building additions. For being a multiplayer beta, the lack of any originality in the maps is a real letdown, considering the majority of all make-or-break conditions for any multiplayer game are the levels for which you do battle.

If you can look past the dull landscapes there is a relatively good onslaught to participate in despite some minor deteriorating flaws. There are only two modes available in the beta: Team Anarchy (oxymoron, much?) and Damage Control. Volition has not revealed if there will be more when the game launches, but from what we have played, both offer up plenty of nonstop mayhem to keep you entertained for a good while. Team Anarchy is essentially the same thing as a regular deathmatch mode, but instead of just killing you can also destroy the buildings and structures that surround you. Damage Control gives players a huge device called the Reconstructor, which lets players fully rebuild any structure that has been destroyed. It's similar to Conquest modes in which a team has to control all three points at once to win, but in this case, rebuilding all three points deems victory.''

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