Sony Santa Monica Is Teasing… Something

PlayStation Experience is just a few days away, scheduled to open its gates in Los Angeles on December 5th, and Sony Santa Monica is teasing… something.

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-Foxtrot1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Not much to go on but nothing I could recognise if it was an old franchise they've done. Probably something new

Although I wouldn't mind a spiritual successor to God of War with Norse or Egyptian mytho like most people have said. I don't think you can do much with Kratos now unless you have a story of other mytho gods fighting over who should overtake the gods Kratos has killed. Although I think God of War is a little burnt out to be honest, Ascension did nothing for me.

Heavenly Sword 2 would be nice. I don't think Anna Torv is up to much these days.

Abriael1106d ago

The theory I saw that seems to be the most logical, even with the message, is that the the protagonist of God of War 4 might be female.

Dario_DC1106d ago

Female Kratos??? FFS! Just make a new IP... These SJWs are really forcing some stupid changes in video games...

breakpad1106d ago

probably a Sci Fi game and not another GoW(i feel optimistic in some way that lame Kratos wont have another game) ...

-Foxtrot1106d ago

But...they have Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword - Female

God of War - Male

A female in God of War as the main character would be pointless when there's another franchise just waiting to be picked up and continued with an epic female lead.

Saigon1106d ago

Why did they just troll us!!! Had me clicking on each and every link...wonder what it could be though...

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago

Or it really could be Heavenly Sword 2. Many have been asking for Santa Monica to take over that IP.

Nothing against Ninja Theory but in terms of combat, Santa Monica is king.

A female God Of War could work but it could just be another God in the same mythos.

cyphertech1106d ago

The term SJW is so overused. FEMALE CHARACTER? SJW! Male character? Of course, what else would they be?

Dasteru1106d ago

@Dario_DC & BronyAssassin:

Who said anything about Kratos? It could be a completely different character from the lore.

Aleithian1106d ago

Totally agree, @cyphertech

Dee_911106d ago

It just shows who actually know what an SJW is. Sad part is, this was inevitable when SJWs infiltrated the medium. I said it from the beginning when anita first made her crap video. I don't necessarily disagree with wanting more female protagonist but to make it seem like it's a dire issue, and that the developers are sexist are the main things I had problems with. With them over exaggerating the "issue" it will automatically turn a lot of people off to the idea alone of having more female protags because they will think exactly like Dario_DC. That developers are doing this solely to cater to these SJWs.

I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but i'll bite. If this is even true, what classify changing the gender of your main protag as pandering to SJWs? From now on, are all female protags solely made to pander to SJWs? What exactly makes, making a female god of war, stupid?

UltraNova1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Ok here it is, Kratos killed every one on Olympus and left to rein supreme over mankind.

That's when the Norse Gods(why? why not???) decided they had it with him killing their Greek counterparts and decided to sent elite Norse warriors after him to stop him before he decides its time for another god-killing spree.

They could easily squeeze another trilogy out of this mythos hybrid story.

1st game: We get introduced to Norse mythos and their plans on stopping the Greek menace. Kratos battles Norse warriors and some less known Norse gods.

2nd game: He decides its time to visit Midgard and show who's boss and make them regret challenging him but before he makes it he faces Thor.

I can only imagine the conclusion...

3rd game: Kratos finds a way to brake in Midgard with the help of Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, after defeating Heimdallr (Midgard's Gate protector), and faces Odin in Asgard...

How about that guys? That's what I'm talking about!
Dear Santa Monica,

I would like my name in the credits, a full VIP tour of your offices and a lifetime supply of PlayStation goodies.

Thank you.

showtimefolks1106d ago



in the end there will be chaos and off course with kratos. if there is one character i care about a lot as a long long time PS fan, its kratos

no female protagonist, not every game needs a female lead character especially a game like god of war

bouzebbal1106d ago

The new game just leaked:

You heard it here first.

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Ezz_Snake1106d ago

So Santa Monica many titles you are working on exactly ?!

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago

MORE then likely 2 as they always have many titles being worked on, but it could be as high as 3 or 4. They have a extremely large team and I wouldn't really consider them 1 team as much as many different teams under 1 name sorta.

Consider Rockstar is many teams, consider DICE is many different teams ie one making Battlefront, one working on BF4 DLC, 1 working on Mirrors Edge 2 etc, or better yet look at Naughty Dog, they are really 2 teams too.

Could be many projects.

Lore1106d ago

For goodness sake please be an rpg that takes up more than 30 hours

frameflip1102d ago

I'd love to see a new PS Allstars!! I think it's due for a sequel (^_^)b

Ezz_Snake1106d ago

@ Cindy

yes just bring the popcorn and soda and be ready for this legendary weekend

Sparta071106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

@foxtrot, GOW ascension wasn't the best GOW, I did enjoy it. It did feel a little empty in a way but I wouldn't mind playing as Kratos one more time. GOW should go out with a bang, GOWIII ended with a cliff hanger and I agree I would Love a new heavenly sword.

Edit; BTW I don't think this tease has anything to do with Gow

NotAFanboyyy1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Given God of War's visuals for their time, I can't even imagine a GoW game set in Egypt. I think it would blow me away graphically. It would also be fresh for the franchise by moving on from Kratos, which I know some don't want to happen, but there are so many mythologies out there to explore that could give GoW even greater staying power.

-Foxtrot1106d ago

Yeah...does not look like it's related to God of War in anyway

Unless it's a new IP like God of War which has a lead character who has ballet fighting moves.

GribbleGrunger1106d ago


From Wiki

Meret was a token wife occasionally given to Hapy, the god of the Nile. Her name being a reference to this, meaning simply the beloved. As token wife, she was usually depicted with the same associations as Hapy, having on her head either the blue lotus for Upper Egypt, or the papyrus plant for Lower Egypt. Since Hapy was the source of bountifulness, Meret was usually depicted with an offering bowl, as she was seen, being his wife, as the symbolic recipient of his generosity.

Amongst the lower classes, where nationalism was less important than successful harvest, she was more strongly considered the wife of Hapy than the protectresses of Lower and Upper Egypt, which were more normally his wife in the upper classes. As a deity whose role was to be the symbolic receiver of bounty from the inundation of the Nile, she was strongly associated with rejoicing, such as SINGING and DANCING. Later stories tell that Meret was the goddess of the eighth hour, in the Book of Gates.

johndoe112111106d ago

Ok, so i'm guessing it's a game about a female android ballerina.

Agent_00_Revan1106d ago

Thanks for that. That's a pretty good look at...whatever it is... But thanks!

MasterCornholio1106d ago


Ooooo Egyptian.

I like the sound of that.


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mocaak1106d ago

Why you keep bringing up Heavenly Sword, Santa Monica has nothing to do with it.

-Foxtrot1106d ago

Because Sony holds the rights and Sony Santa Monica are basically the best developers for it to be made by.

It's a no brainer...if Sony didn't get them to work on it then it would be such a dumb move.

God of War and Heavenly Sword go hand in hand.

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago

? Its been rumored many times and Sony owns the IP. Many teams at Sony have worked on other IPs they did not create.

jznrpg1106d ago

First thought I had was Heavenly Sword

mocaak1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Santa Monica is one of the largest Sony studios, with a lot of ideas and potential. So no, Sony won't give them a game that other developer created and that wasn't even a commercial success.

-Foxtrot1106d ago

Why wouldn't they? They've milked God of War as much as they can and know it's time for a new game similar to it. Instead of building up a new franchise they can easily use Heavenly Sword as there's already a big fanbase behind it.

Whether it was a big success means nothing, it's there job to make it bigger then the first game and honestly I think they can.

Narikos story is not over.

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

? Sony has done that before though. Slant Six didn't create Socom, Sumo Digital didn't make Little Big Planet, Sanzaru games didn't create the Sly series or Ratchet series yet worked on both.

Maybe you don't know what your talking about. Ninja Theory doesn't own the Heavenly Sword IP, Sony is a business, they are not "friends" with Ninja Theory, its simply business.

To say Sony won't "give them a game that other developer created" makes no sense as Sony has 100% FACTUALLY done that before with several titles.

Yes...Heavenly Sword didn't set the world on fire, that isn't to say a sequel by another team couldn't. In fact, they would have MORE reason to do that, then to hand those other IPs to have other teams work on them as those IPs were actually successful ie Sly, Ratchet, LBP etc.

They have nothing to lose by handing it to Santa Monica if they have great ideas for the series. Sony Santa Monica is not Ninja Theory, if Santa Monica wrote up concept and created a small build to show that Heavenly Sword can be rebooted to replace God Of War, I'm pretty sure Sony would give them the ok to do it IF what was shown had real promise.

Gamers don't just refuse to buy based on IP name solely. Consider Heavenly Sword didn't even get enough exposure to even have such a HUGE negative effect on an entire install base. It released early during the PS3 gen, was a short game and by a fairly new team.

It can be rebooted and can do huge things if a respected team wills it so.

@Mocaak- ? The comparison is based on that another team has factually worked on a Sony IP in which the did not create.

The quality of the team is actually irrelevant. Your saying something Sony won't do, yet they actually have for a fact done that before. I see no reason to then jump to questioning the quality of the team as that actually has nothing to do with what we are talking about. Not even slightly.

Other teams, for a matter of fact have worked on IP they did not create. Mind you, Sony Santa Monica helped with The Order, a IP Sony owns, that Santa Monica DID NOT CREATE, they were adding Ready At Dawn the team that did create that IP.

Sony Santa Monica also helped Guerrilla Games on their PS3 engine for Killzone, they also helped The Chinese Room on Everybody Gone To The Rapture.

Again...your saying they "won't" do something they've done before, something Sony, many, many times have ok'd. Sorry but trying to question the quality of the team and downplay the situation doesn't actually prove your point bud.

It happened and could still happen.

mocaak1106d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ Are you seriously comparing those developers to Santa Monica? lol

Utalkin2me1105d ago


After a well thought out reply with facts from Edmix, thats the best you can do for a comeback?

"Are you seriously comparing those developers to Santa Monica? lol"

Seems you missed the boat again. Gave facts of Sony doing this with other developers which was to reply to your original comment. And in know way was he comparing developers. He just stated what Sony has done in the past. And just saying it could possible happen again.

Losso-Oso1105d ago

Wow, ok guys that's enough of this dumb argument.


You are wrong bud. Insomniac actually helped Naughty Dog with development of Crash Bandicoot, ND helped Insomniac with the Spyro series, which gave pointers on what to do with their next series which turned out to be Jak & Daxter.

While Insomniac helped with J&D, they learned a lot which helped with their next Sony owned I.P. Rachet & Clank, which ND helped on as well, which is why there are tons of easter eggs to each franchise in ND & Insomniac games.

Jason Rubin, Gavin and Ted Price have spoken about their interlinked relationship many times.

This is something that Sony does often in order to help studios that may be getting burned out working on just one franchise to stay solvent and fresh. They do this a lot.

Japan studios is part of their ICE team, and the internal localization team for Sony for western games going to the east.

Yoshida has actually talked a bunch about Santa Monica being their biggest staging studio. The reason why they have such a large size is because most of what they do, is actually help other teams within Sony, Indy teams and 3rd parties with development of exclusives, timed exclusives and even multiplatform games coming over to the Sony platforms.

So it absolutely makes sense for Sony to give SM Heavenly Sword. The only reason why they haven't yet, or might wait even more to do so, is to not burn the talent out on the same type of game, and lets face it, Heavenly Sword is very similar to GOW.


excellent points and well thought out arguments. You did your research my friend. Bubs to you.

mocaak1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

@Losso-Oso Just like 90% of what Edmix wrote, your reply is irrelevant to my comments. Two Sony studios helping each other, especially in their early days, is hugely different from Sony assigning a developer to make another developer's game.

mocaak1105d ago

@Utalkin2me For me a reply with comparison of small 2nd/3rd party studios to Santa Monica is very far from "well thought out reply". And my very short reply answered everything he wrote in his first part, before he edited his comment.

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mocaak1106d ago

If the game wasn't commercial success, then fanbase isn't big either. :-) And it's not their job to revive game of another developer, their job is to create their own games, either from their own franchises or new ip.

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago

"their job is to create their own games"

You don't actually know that. They are still developers and they still work for Sony and Sony factually owns the Heavenly Sword IP.

It would not be the first time a team worked on a IP, they didn't create.

Many, many IPs have been rebooted that were not successes the first time around. Is Phantom Dust not being rebooted by a team that never even worked on the first game?

You might want to really evaluate if such a thing couldn't happen as its happened before bud. No evidence really supports it not being feasible as again...the exact thing we are talking about has been done by Sony teams before of IPs Sony owns.

mocaak1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

_-EDMIX-_ Didn't know that 343i or Rare or some other studio alike is working on Phantom Dust. From what I know Phantom Dust is in developing limbo because Microsoft didn't feel like development for this game is worth supporting.
Don't come up with small studios that are known of making ports and small entries into franchises. Better give me at least one example of a studio as big as Santa Monica that worked on foreign franchise.

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago

I know, your moving goal post to meet a specific situation. Sorry bud. Fact remains, a team that didn't create an IP, has worked on an IP owned by the publisher before.

Max Payne 3 was done by a team that never made the last 2 Max Payne's...OH they are not large enough for YOUR example so it must not be correct.

Mafia 3 is being made by a team that didn't make Mafia 2 or 1, OH must not meet your requirements huh?

Dead Rising 3 was made by a team that DIDN'T CREATE THE IP!

SOooo how many examples do you actually need of a team working on a IP they didn't create?

The ironic thing about this is the team Ninja Theory worked on series THEY FACTUALLY DID NOT OWN OR CREATE!

You sure you know what your talking about? those waves of disagrees, your lack of any real examples, and goal post moving show otherwise.

Its happened before at Sony and I don't see how the team pedigree or quality or size even have anything to do with it.

Fact remains, a team that didn't make the IP, has created content in the realm of said IP as Sony before several times over. Sony has shown they don't care and will hand IPs over if the team shows promise.

Its sorta like if Ready At Dawn doesn't want to do a sequel to The Order...pretty sure Sony has a team to take care of that and likely has no problem handing it over to another team as for a matter OF FACT they've done it before.

So I have no clue what your talking about bud. (as its starting to be clear neither do you)

mocaak1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

It's obvious that you don't know what I'm talking about. You said that Santa Monica has been helping Ready at Dawn on The Order 1886, you do realize that RAD has been working very closely with Santa Monica since they started working with Sony. They created 2 God of War games on psp.

You probably think that Santa Monica are the ones who want to work on Heavenly Sword and are waiting for approval from Sony. That's very rarely the case, the only one I can think of is Sly reboot, when developers asked Sony to do it. Most of the time it's Sony who is asking developers to make games from other developers, and they will never ask one of their largest teams to do it, especially when they are working on one of the best selling Playstation franchises.

You said you want examples? Here they are:

Naughty Dog - never worked on anything but their ips.

Guerrilla Games - never worked on anything but their own ips.

Sucker Punch - never worked on anything but their own ips.

Poliphony - never worked on anything but their own ips.

Media Molecule - never worked on anything but their own ips.

Evolution - never worked on anything but their own ips.

Insomniac (at the time of being under Sony) - never worked on anything but their own ips.

And finally, Santa Monica - never worked on anything but their own ips.

You will probably say that someone like Sony Bend were making Uncharted and Resistance on PS Vita, but they are not on the same level as other studios I listed. Syphon Filter wasn't very successful on PS2.

_-EDMIX-_1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

"And finally, Santa Monica - never worked on anything but their own ips"


Mind you, they helped with several Sony IPs of which they did not own.

That doesn't mean they can't or won't, just means as of yet it hasn't happened. Sorry bud, if Sony Santa Monica wants to work on Heavenly Sword, I don't think much is really stopping them. Sony again owns the IP and the team sooooooo

Mind you, whats the points of your example? The reality is....Sony has ok'ed games to be made by teams that didn't create them, its happened many times. Your list doesn't actually mean its never happened, merely that those teams as of yet haven't worked on other IPs not created by them, it doesn't mean they can't...just means they haven't as of yet.

1 example of Sony oking this means they have and can and they have no issue with it.

1 example of a team they own not doing it, merely means at that time a team didn't do it....

...thats it.

I'm sorry but it still means it can happen lol, I have no clue why you though other teams NOT doing it means it will never happen or something. If Santa Monica wants to work on that IP, it very well can happen and might be easier for them to do then other teams that have done it in Sony. They are a big team and I'm sure if they show Sony they can make the IP have great promise, Sony is likely to allow them to make a sequel or a reboot.

Sony wouldn't even be the first team to do this, dozens of publishers have done this before, I'm not really bringing up something that is rare or never been done, several HUGE AAA games have been remade, or rebooted by teams that didn't create them in the first place.

I have no clue why you thought that wouldn't apply to Sony even though they again have done that before for a matter of FACT in their teams.

mocaak1106d ago

Like always you just keep repeating same thing over and over again without any points in your argument.

What even makes you think that Santa Monica wants to make Heavenly Sword. And when did I ever say that Sony won't let them do it? I said that Sony will never be asking/forcing them to do it, that's completely different from saying "Sony won't let Santa Monica make it".

I answered everything you wrote in your last comment in my preceding comments, I don't understand why you keep writing same thing.

Losso-Oso1105d ago

Again kid, you are wrong.

Naughty Dog has worked on Insomniac games.

Sucker Punch worked on the port of SFxTekken for the PSP.

Insomniac has worked on Naughty Dogs games.

Studio Japan has an extremely long history of co-developing games and taking over projects from other developers, just google them.

And finally, Santa Monica has perhaps the second longest history, next to Studio Japan, of co-development and taking over other projects, again just google them.

But I'll do you one better. Go to, look for the PS I Love you XOXO playlist and listen to I think its the second or third episode, its the one that has Shuhei Yoshida HIMSELF, and listen to it.

In the episode he talks specifically about this very subject, and how often they do it. They take projects from one team and give it to another all of the time.

You are wrong on this, just admit it and be on your merry way bro.

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Christopher1106d ago

Why does that image look like it's from some super hero from a Pixar movie or something to me?

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freshslicepizza1106d ago

i'm hoping it's a brand new ip, we need more of those in this industry. enough with the god of war franchise, let it take more time off.

Tsar4ever011106d ago

Well, It doesn't look like Warhawk, Dammit! Why can't SMS give us new WarHawk with more than JUST TWO RIVALING FACTIONS and with a full off-line mode!?

bluegoblin1106d ago

Heavenly sword 2...that would be dreamy.

It was my 1st truly WOW ps3 experience.

XanderZane1105d ago

God of Ballerina. It begins. Yes, I would also rather see a Heavenly Sword 2 game on the PS4. A female Kratos that uses spinning ballerina attacks. lol!! I have to say, that wasn't the best thing to tease, but we'll see where they go with this.

Thatguy-3101105d ago

Does no one think that can be Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash??

+ Show (13) more repliesLast reply 1102d ago

please, god of war.

DeforMAKulizer1106d ago

My gut tells me its Edith Filch

Snappy1106d ago

I agree wgat reamains of edith finch

Wallstreet371106d ago

And "Greatness" begins again!!!! Show me a few games, VR price so i can run and preorder and ill be a happy camper!

Relientk771106d ago

I hope it's a new IP, but it will be God of War 4

Rimeskeem1106d ago

I would like to see and new IP but in the mythology still if that makes sense.