Gamespot: Siren: Blood Curse Review

Once upon a time, survival horror games were defined not only by shambling corpses and creepy atmosphere, but also by protagonists that moved with all the grace and agility of a Sherman tank. Things have changed since then, but at first glance, Siren: Blood Curse, a horror game now available for download on the PlayStation Network, seems almost willfully behind the times, with play control that feels clunky and outdated. However, if you bear with the game and give it a chance to show off its strengths, you'll find that its episodic presentation, chilling ambiance, and terrific use of the Siren series' signature sightjacking system come together to create an enjoyably frightening experience.

The Good:
* Makes great use of the series' sightjacking mechanic
* Strong cast of playable characters
* Episodic structure keeps things moving
* Very creepy sound design.

The Bad:
* Stiff controls
* Overuse of controller shaking as a gameplay mechanic
* Same few locations are used over and over
* Takes a little while to get going.

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