LBP: 6 Cool Things

TheSixthAxis: "Thinking of Sackboys, huh? Well, here's six things you might not know about LBP that might just brighten up your lunch hour."

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supahbad3780d ago

this game is fvcking adorable. this is the perfect girlfriend game.

nothing new really

Lew_Ijgee3780d ago

Not when your girlfriend has no imagination.

supahbad3780d ago

then she can watch and clap her hands as i imagine for her, gotta keep that backhand strong. jk

Harry1903780d ago

I will be using that a lot in the level I am going to create.
This flash game inspired me.

micro_invader3780d ago

lol that's awesome. Thanks for the link :D

Viktor E3780d ago

Media Molecule will bath in the glories of being a member of the Sony family once the game launches.

It is sad the same can not be said about Silicon Knights http://toohumanflopped.ytmn...

slymaddox3780d ago

there no demo being available before launch cool?

Common Sense3780d ago

and they won't delay the game just to get out the demo on time.

kevnb3780d ago

well not all of them, but they almost never represent a game well.

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The story is too old to be commented.