FIFA 09: Italy v France - Exclusive HD Video

FIFA Soccer Blog:

"Here's the latest of the large bunch of videos one of the FSB minions was able to capture from i34."

HD Download link after the jump!

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Harry1903659d ago

That looks great. The animations really look better now.

Fluffy2Duffy3659d ago

Yeah but u can't see much of it..

Shankle3659d ago

Starting to worry about the momentum. There's too much movement, the ball is flying about like crazy and the game is chaotic. It's like watching a game of playground football.

l3w153659d ago

I Cant see how that looks great ?
the A.I Seems poor, when he lost the ball the a.i just didnt know what to do with it and ran into the Controlled player and where he could of carried on running, he for some reason the ai turned back into the Player :S Doggy A.i to me,

Every year i look forward to playing fifa and every year they say like 250 improvments but i can see where, it looks the same as 08, same graphics, but with better collisions :S.

It looks a step backwards from Euro 08 which was great but same old fifa, I Was exspecting something really good to get hands on but yet again it lets me down

Lets see what pro evo has to offer but fifa yet again doest show up to its Speculation w;e you want to call it

Chubear3659d ago

That looks bloody spectacular. Day one for me.

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