Top 10 Games You Probably Never Heard Of

We're all familiar with the amazing franchises we've come to grow and love (or hate). If you bring up big names like Super Smash Brothers, Halo, Metal Gear, Mario, or Sonic, even people who don't play games will recognize them. However, there's some titles out there that even many hardcore gamers go "huh?" when you mention them.

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Captain Tuttle3780d ago

Holy crap is Alpha Centauri a good game. I still play it regularly.

elitewh0re3780d ago

of course it's a good game, a true sequel (story wise) to a turn based stratergy simulation.. haha what could be better? man haven't played that in yearssss

e-ray3780d ago

Cool little game for its time, definitely.

specialguest3780d ago

Damn, I kinda miss my childhood now.