Strong Bad Laughs It Up on WiiWare (Wired Review)

Review by Chris Kohler:

"There are two groups of people who don't even need to read a review of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner.

The first group is fans of Homestar Runner, the hit web cartoon series on which this game is based. If you've been laughing along to Strong Bad's e-mails and the absurd misadventures of his friends and enemies since before Flash cartoons were cool, you'll relish the opportunity to step into the shoes, boxing gloves and luchador mask of the title character and initiate the abuse all on your own.

The second group is fans of Telltale Games, the indie developer responsible for the revival of the point-and-click adventure. If you enjoy what Telltale has done with popular comic franchises like Bone and Sam & Max, you'll be quite pleased with its puzzle-filled take on the world of Homestar.

Those people will be in love with the Strong Bad game. They've probably already bought the downloadable title, available Monday on PC and WiiWare. Everyone else will need to keep reading."

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