Edge Feature: The Battle for Europe

Edge writes: "As we reach the meaty stage of the latest console cycle, things appear to be getting quite tasty in Europe between Microsoft and Sony. Anyone who follows the trade press may have picked up on a more competitive tone of late, as each company has sought to paint itself as the platform of choice for the European consumer.

Microsoft claims a sell-through lead in Europe for the Xbox 360, whereas Sony claims a shipped lead in PAL (which includes a number of territories where Microsoft has no distribution) for its PS3. As it turns out both of these claims could be correct but each statement paints quite a different picture.

What is irrefutable is the importance of Europe to both companies. While Nintendo is off on its own creating new genres of software and developing lifestyle products on the cusp of what we consider to be games, the battlefront between Microsoft and Sony is raging. But not so much in continental Europe where Microsoft's progress has been slowed to a point many would consider to be rather an underachievement, especially when so much groundwork had been effectively laid during the last cycle of consoles. Sony's entrenched PlayStation brand has provided ample resistance to Microsoft's advance."

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Dragunov3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Here in spain the X360 is cheaper than the wii and is the 3rd, and the gap is growing fast. We dont like FPS so much, and the PS brand is very, very strong.