Bandai Namco Starts Countdown for Something on the Tales of Series 20th Anniversary

AbyssalChronicles: "A countdown has been started for something that's occurring on December 15th, the Tales of Series 20th Anniversary in Japan."

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FallenAngel19841112d ago

Ludger is the most emotionless and my least favorite Tales of protagonist

vanity291112d ago

You must've missed that one ending.

MegaRay1112d ago

Since this cant be a new game (Tales of Berceria still unreleased), I suspect its either a port/HD version of any of their past games, or a crossover game. Either way, the more Tales the better

vanity291112d ago

Tales of the world hd collection for vita!!!

MegaRay1112d ago

As much as I like the Vita (I am a vita fanboy in this site lol) I want them to make their games on PS4 so they can take risks and dub the whole dialogue and not only sub it like Heart R, and besides, after Zestiria, I have high hopes for whatever next release gonna be (whether its Besceria or this)

vanity291112d ago

I get that, but if they were gunna put Tales of the World in particular on ps4, the 3 games better be remade from scratch instead of remasters that would work on the vita.

MegaRay1112d ago

Or they could just make a new tales of the world game.

Mikefizzled1112d ago

Vesperia on PS4. Something off the wall like that.

MegaRay1112d ago

That would be epic TBH. I never had an 360 to play ToV before, and I heard it was great.

Mikefizzled1112d ago

Currently sat on a reasonable 9000 votes for XONE back compatibility. Not bad given the sales of the game. Especially when newer games that sold a lot more like Alan Wake, Dark Souls and The Witcher 2 score around 30000.

MegaRay1111d ago

Good to know, I hope Bamco port it to current gen console through BC or HD port or even PC port, I dont mind really :)

PhoenixUp1112d ago

Most likely a new Tales of spinoff. Possibly a crossover of sorts to celebrate 20 years of the franchise

TricksterArrow1111d ago

Tales of Destiny Director's Cut, pleeeeeeeease!

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