It's Microsoft vs. Nintendo In Third-Party Sales Spin WAR

Brace for PR spin motion sickness! If you care to remember, Nintendo found themselves caught ankle-deep in a public relations tarpit last week, when they made some claims about third-party sales without the proof to back it up. A few days later they did provide the proof - in the form of some NPD sales data - but now that they have, Microsoft have called baloney. Rubbish. It's Super Soakers at ten paces.

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PS3rd the Turd3631d ago

Where's the big bad PS3rd?????????

I guess I just answered that.

In PS3rd ofcourse!!!!


Poor last place PS3rd the Turd

aaquib53631d ago

3rd in every f^cking country in the world except America, where it is now finally getting pounced by the almighty PS3.

F^ck the 360, F^ck the Wii. There's only one console you need. And that's the PS3.

theKiller3631d ago

why so serious Turd bot??

Zhuk_3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

It's no surprise that the PS3 isn't in the same league as the top competitors when it comes to overall sales. The PS3 is nothing more than a watered-down imitation of the Xbox 360's superior hardware. Its developer preference, leading online service, and its immaculate AAA line-up is proof of that. No amount of spin from the Sony Defense Force can change that. After this console generation is over, Sony might as well go back doing what they do best, selling combustible notebook batteries.

Ali_The_Brit3631d ago

do you listen to yourself?


Ali_The_Brit3631d ago

also, what they do best?

what they do best is sell consoles

need i remind you PS2 is still the best selling console OF ALL TIME
by a MASSIVE margin

and that PS1 revolutionised the gaming industry with

And PS3 has revolutionised again, Blu-Ray is the official successor of DVD.

as always zhuk, you fail.

Kratos Spartan3631d ago

Exploding Sony batteries. That's the best ammo xbox fanboys have against Sony. Nothing to do with the consoles.

Zhuk will never be as good at it as Dark Sniper.

militant073631d ago

and you ask Sqare Enix why 360 ??!

TornRaptor3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I don't care what third party games they have on there consoles, I just care about what console has more great games and less crap ones and in that regard the 360 comes out ahead of the Wii again and again.
Just as the PS3 beats the Wii.
As a extra bit of info for you all, I sold my Wii and all it's games last week. I really regret buying it now. So that leaves me with consoles i use and enjoy, my 360 & PS3.

mistertwoturbo3631d ago

Amen brotha Amen.

360/PS3 > Wii

Lumbo3631d ago

math is your friend, lets compare the Wii to the xbox360 crapwise:

From Wii's 243 games on metacritic 51 are BELOW 50/100 = bad
Thats ~21% of the whole lineup, yes more than 20% of the Wii lineup is crap.

Compare that to the Xbox360:
From xbox360's 434 games on metacritic 43 are BELOW 50/100 = bad
not only is that LESS absolute than Wii crap games, percentage wise its even more embarrassing: only 10% of the Xbox360 games are crap, thats HALF of the crap games the Wii gets.

Sidenote: PS3

From PS3's 191 games on metacritic only 11 are below 50/100 = bad
thats a percentage of 6% of crap games on the system.

(PS2: 134 of 1562 games on mc scored less than 50/100 = 8.5 %)

Yes, the Wii has absolute and percentage wise the most utterly crappy games this generation

And to give you one more comparison: counting only the games that scored HORRIBLE scores = less than 30/100 the Wii leads with 9 horrible games followed by the xbox360 with only 2 games in the horrible class and zero games for the PS3 in the horrible class.

Smacktard3631d ago

Let's do a count of the highest-rated (above 80) system exclusives!

Xbox 360 can start first!


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