Gamer2.0: Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer Demo Impressions

Red Faction has long been a popular series for shooter fans. With an interesting setting, high-tech weaponry and an engaging storyline, the first two games were indeed fun to trek through. With the latest addition into the series launching sometime next year, THQ and developer Volition have given gamers the chance to try out the multiplayer aspects of Red Faction: Guerilla ahead of time. So how does the destructive mayhem fare against the other heavy-hitting multiplayer games…read on to find out!

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cellfluid3780d ago

I really wish that killzone2 would have fully destructable enviroments.. But I beg 2 differ.. Any ways I know this games gonna carry the tourch where cod4 left off....(lock n load ladies)

Captain Tuttle3780d ago

What's really nice about the beta is that Volition seem to be really treating this like a beta...they ask the users for ideas to improve the gameplay. They've already updated the beta with some improvements taken from ideas from their forums. It seems like a true beta unlike most today that are just marketing BS.

It's actually a pretty fun game. The more I play it the more it grows on me.