10° Ad Watch: Tropic Thunder Ads Hit Vegas Strip writes: "Paramount has teamed up with Ubisoft and Massive for a special in-game scavenger hunt in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to promote the movie Tropic Thunder. We speak with Massive about getting gamers to interact with ads.

Regular broadcast advertising is just not what it used to be. While ratings numbers decline due to time people spend online or on their cell phones, people who do watch TV may record and fast-forward through commercials or watch shows on DVD, seriously diminishing the impact that ads will have. Additionally, grown men are using their TV for more than just cable programming. Video games today are a huge part of the entertainment landscape.

A generation of gamers are all grown up and they're not playing NES games anymore [Even though they should be! -Ed.]. Many feel the nightly call for an online shooter title of some sort, and for many of these gamers, they'll buy and play a game religiously for months with their buddies. In order to reach this new generation of consumers, advertisers will not only have to look toward games, but also integrate with them to get a level of engagement that will get these players' attention."

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