Fans respond to Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha surprise

Last week in the comments section of SCEA's PlayStation Blog, Capcom's John Diamonon revealed that a Street Fighter surprise would be unveiled yesterday and available on Thursday.

True to their word Capcom's Senior Product Marketing Manager on SFIV, known as Gerald, yesterday announced on Capcom's Blog that Street Fighter Alpha would be available as a new PSone Classics game for download on the PlayStation Network this Thursday.

The reaction to the announcement has been mixed, with some gamers lapping up new content but most bitterly disappointed that the surprise did not relate to Street Fighter IV. Many SF fans seem to have anticipated that the surprise in store related to Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, or more particularly the beta for the game that is only available to Xbox 360 owners.

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gano3776d ago

Yet japan PS got RE1 and 2. US PS get and old, (good) yet outdated
fighter. No improvements jus something. What about strider.

m-s-8-23776d ago

SFAlpha, yay? Whatever. I detest fighting games. As for PS1 classics, Give me Tomba, or give me death

yanikins1113776d ago

i only ever got the demo, but tomba was psycho insane good. Thats the game where you hump pigs hey? That was freakin awesome. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

drdre743776d ago

well one of the reasons why we never get any PS1 games is because they have to kick out alot of money for the music of those old games. I guess they have that issue in Japan. Plus who cares about PS1 games. That's why you get a psp and hack it and play all day if you like. I've had alpha on my psp for almost two years now. Nothing new here.

m-s-8-23776d ago

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "hack it", but there are a few problems with that idea, if its what I think.

I dont like handhelds, nor am i some scummy software pirate.

TOSgamer3776d ago

This game will be mega ugly on big screen tvs. I wonder if you can even smooth it like PS1 and PS2 disc based games. If not then its total garbage.

PimpHandStrong3776d ago

o why

would i want to play a PS1 game when the PS3 version is coming?

Im not a big retro guy so maybe thats why i dont understand it

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The story is too old to be commented.