Changing Beyond: Two Souls Compromises ‘Sincerity of the Work,’ Says David Cage

Beyond: Two Souls writer and director David Cage claimed that he would alter nothing in Quantic Dream’s 2013 interactive drama even if he had a second chance at developing the title.

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TimelessDbz1083d ago

That's what I'm talking about. Taking pride in your work .

coolbeans1083d ago

Wait...isn't one of the new features for the PS4 version is that you can play it in chronological order?

TFJWM1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

You can already do that once you beat the game

coolbeans1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

You mean by selecting them in order after completion?

That's a pretty big disparity from providing that option at the beginning.

robtion1083d ago

Good. It was a great game, I really enjoyed it. You can't please everyone I guess. Tara on Rev3(YouTube) did a good review.

Will pick it up on PS4 for another play if I see it cheap (already paid full price once on ps3, not going to do it again).

robtion1083d ago

Scratch that. Just realised it has been released at a very reasonable price. Might pick this up again sooner rather than later.

TFJWM1083d ago

Im waiting for the heavy rain/beyond combo before I buy it. Already have enough to play atm as well

SolidGear31083d ago

I bought Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls day 1 so I'll definitely get the collection in March day 1.

Picnic1083d ago

Good sentiments. I'm not sure how sincere it is to have QTEs that invite the player to think they're in danger but can never be deadly but I still wouldn't change any of the content either. The acting makes this game so good.

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