Is Fallout 4 Getting a Free Pass?

Is Fallout 4 getting a free pass from both the gaming public and the gaming press? If Ubisoft are thrown under the bus for technical problems, why aren't Bethesda?

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Dark_Overlord991d ago

Yes, yes it is, any other game would get crucified for even a fraction of the bugs a Bethesda game has :/

Mega24991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

136 hours in, I've only encountered two bugs, which weren't even game breaking. Although I'm playing the PC version, I'm guessing all the issues that are persistent is because of the consoles weak hardware. My advice to Bethesda would have been to delay the console's versions of Fallout 4, release them later down the line, like From Software does with the PC version of Dark Souls.

Uglyday991d ago

100ish hours in on PS4 with the same number of bugs so not the hardware.

Tsuru991d ago

36 hours on PC. One bug. ONE. i smacked a death claw into the sky with a tire iron at the beginging of the game in vats, and he died from fall damage. THATS IT. I hate it when people say its getting a free pass when its not a regular occuring thing. Its not. Its rare. Just cause a bunch of people are finding 1 or 2 non game breaking bugs they think the game should be burned at the stake. Its dumb.

Liam2382991d ago

I haven't actually played the PC version, but what you say makes sense in theory. Kind of like the opposite of Arkham Knight.

Mega24991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Exactly, I think Rocksteady's mistake was releasing the PC version at the same time, knowing it was broken. Nobody likes delay, but getting it broken? Nah, I'd prefer a delay.

madmonkey01991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

seems to be, especially graphically where it isnt on par with current gen titles.

Liam2382991d ago

Yeah, bugs aside, it's also a bit of a visual stinker. Art direction is amazing but that engine is simply too old.

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