Edge: From the Ashes of Flagship

Edge writes: "Flagship Seattle's action RPG Mythos was on the launch pad. Developed by ex-Blizzard North developers, the title had been accumulating interest in RPG circles and an open beta was on the horizon.

But when Flagship Seattle's San Francisco, Calif.-based parent collapsed under the weight of the embattled Hellgate: London for PC, Mythos was officially placed in dreaded development limbo.

However, the Mythos team survives in spirit, as Flaghsip Seattle has reformed as Runic Games, which will continue to work in the online action-RPG genre.

"This has been a fairly difficult time I think for all of us--Flagship really felt like family, and losing that is very trying," Travis Baldree, president of Runic tells Edge. "We were so close to bringing Mythos to open beta (and shortly thereafter to commercialization), that it's heartbreaking to know that it won't see the light of day as we intended."

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