PSX Extreme: Yggdra Union Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "At this point in its lifespan, the PSP is well known for its wide variety of unique puzzle/action titles along with many role-playing games for the hardcore fans out there. Yggdra Union is one of the latter, as it's another JRPG/strategy title with a quite original gameplay style, and one that's bound to appeal to those who tend to side with the Japanese taste. As it's scheduled to arrive in U.S. stores in little over one month, we knew we had to scrounge up as much information as possible, and as we conclude our research, we realize that PSP owners and JRPG fans should be getting another winner. First, let's take a look at what separates this particular title from the rest of the crowd, because it's always fun to talk about fresh aspects in any video game project. In this new generation where flash, freedom, and depth are paramount to many big-name developers, teams like Atlus stick to their roots and continue to cater to their good-sized and die-hard following of fans."

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