Rumor: First Details On The New Batman Game

Kotaku writes: "As it stands, nobody has commented officially on the specifics of the next Batman game. Hell, nobody has officially acknowledged that the game even exists. That doesn't mean we can't hear about it unofficially, however. So, courtesy of someone who's already played the game, let's look over the first details on what you can expect from it, and how it's shaping up.

Firstly, our source confirms Pandemic as the developers behind the title, though we pretty much knew that already (still no confirmation on a publisher, though, as there's no guarantee it's EA). Secondly, a good portion of the game is set in a GTA-style rendition of Gotham City, which plays a lot like Spiderman 2 as Batman zips around (he even gets a grappling hook for swingy-swingy when not using the Batmobile) attending to crimes. And thirdly? As was first raised last week, it's not in the best shape, perhaps explaining why the project has been kept in the dark for so long."

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Viktor E3779d ago

Then I think we can all agree the title will outscore Too Human

Fat Princess3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )


Fishy Fingers3779d ago

Nicely on topic. For PS3 fans you seem to spend a lot of time talking about 360 games. Insecure?

psycho3603779d ago

This menace should be permanently banned from n4g just like nasim.

Fishy Fingers3779d ago

They missed a trick here. This game should of certainly released around the same time as the movie while the hype was there.

Prismo_Fillusion3779d ago

That would require rushing the game out though. I'd rather they take their time and release a good game. Of course, with the known history of Batman video games, that's unlikely anyway.

Fishy Fingers3779d ago

No I agree with you there, I just mean better preparation should of taken place. They knew the Dark Knight was a full blown conclusion after the first (Bale) Batman.

Still like you say, judging by the last Batman games I'm not expecting to much, although the movies have seen a marked improvement, perhaps the games can mirror this.

jay23779d ago

Wait a sec, if the set this after the movie who'll play the jojer no Heath Ledger