Ars Technica First look: in-depth with the rogues behind EA's Dead Space

Ars Technica writes: "How risky is it to launch a brand new property in the crowded gaming market? Budgets are only getting larger for big-name titles, the shelves are overflowing with new games, and in most cases it's much less risky to work on a licensed property or a sequel to a known hit. No one knows this better than EA, a publisher that is no stranger to either strategy. Yet something rather unexpected is happening with one of the world's largest game publishers: EA is launching two brand new games, and doing so in a huge way. Even more unexpected, one of the them, Dead Space, is a survival horror game set in deep space. That genre, from this company, sounds like a terrible idea-how many times do we need to rescue a deep-space facility from mutants?-which is perhaps why EA has offered previews of Dead Space to a select group of writers. The publisher thinks it has something special, and so does the team behind the game. The trick is convincing a jaded market that EA can do horror well."

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