TeamXbox: Fable II Pub Games Preview

TeamXbox writes: "When Peter Molyneux announced that there would be an Xbox Live Arcade component to Fable II – or at least an Arcade game that featured interoperability between XBLA and the world of retail release big boys – we cheered. This was exactly the kind of thing we always thought XBLA would be great for. As long as it worked well and there was a good reason for it. Oh, and it didn't require you to own or play both.

When we found out what it was – a suite of gambling games that let you earn money that could be used in the world of Fable II – we cheered even louder. What a great idea, giving you the ability to generate a real in game resource completely out of the game, instead of forcing you to take time out of your adventures to sit in a virtual casino and play some kind of magical Blackjack."

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Captain Tuttle3773d ago

It's a clever idea and certainly a motivator if you're on the fence about pre-ordering.