TeamXbox: Minesweeper Flags Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "I'm going to guess that you're reading this page because you can't find it within yourself to understand how a developer could possibly make an Xbox Live Arcade game out of Minesweeper. The fact is, TikGames (best known for the XBLA version of Texas Hold'em Poker) has done just that, and-especially if you're a Minesweeper fan-you'll probably find the result to be fun.

Minesweeper Flags serves up three single-player gameplay modes, with the last one on the list being the original game under the Classic Mode banner. Though it's not as fast as playing with a mouse, selecting a square with the A Button or marking a mine with the B Button is pretty easy. You can also hit the X Button on a numbered square, provided you've already marked the number of mines listed on that square, which will open up the remaining squares around it-though if you mismarked a mine square and this move uncovers the real location of a mine, it's 'game over.'"

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