No Patch For Xbox 360 Alone In The Dark

Alone In The Dark looks set to be given a new lease of life via the PS3.
The critically criticised game is set to have bugs that can be found in the Xbox 360 version repaired and new content added.

The news is actually more disturbing than any of the game survival horror storyline. There is still no information as to whether or not the 360 version will at least receive a patch to fix these "bugs". This could mean that an expected patch to repair issues with the game may only end up in a PS3 version, excluding 360 owners from the fixed game.

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THC CELL3779d ago

i remember them saying they could add more to the ps3 version a few months back.

they never said it would look better tho

i bet they take advantage of the motion senors and ps3 cell

Its funny ps3 has 12 announcements this week well on the 18th

and also its funny xbox version of this game will always be in beta stage hahha

i love the fact xbox games come out first and ps3 game later

Why tell me
i have some idea why they make money off xbots and use it for the ps3

commen sence some developers are lazy
aka lost planet team

000000000000000000013779d ago

That funny, I finished the game and didn't find any bugs or problems. IMO it's a good game, the 360 version doesn't need a patch.

elitewh0re3779d ago

agreed, where were the bugs? the only problem this game had was the controls being awkward at times

Excalibur3779d ago

I played 100% of the game (1000/1000) and didn't have the first problem.
Sure the controls are a bit wonky but if you give the game a chance you get used to it.

I found the game entertaining.

SilPho3779d ago

Shouldn't this article have a question mark in the title? They haven't confirmed that the 360 isn't getting a patch, not to mention that this article is mainly about the PS3 version.

Syronicus3779d ago

I have yet to hear confirmation of this but will be honest, if they do fix these bugs and spend time adding content, can they perhaps spend time with the slow and cumbersome menus and control schemes? Perhaps if they can fix that, it might be worth it.

cellfluid3779d ago

A lot of developers r lazy ubisoft.ea.capcom.u get the idea.but 4 this title I don't really know 2 much about it so ill have 2 do my research..

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The story is too old to be commented.