TeamXbox: Warriors Orochi 2 Hands-On

If you're at all familiar with Koei's flagship titles Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors, then you are probably deeply familiar with the Warriors Orochi series which debuted last year. That game attempted to bring the ancient Japanese characters of Samurai Warriors and the ancient Chinese secrets characters of Dynasty Warriors together in one epic hacking and slashing frenzy.

So how do you follow up the grand feat that was Warriors Orochi in a sequel? That game had just about everything a Samurai/Dynasty Warriors fan could possibly want – a ton of characters, plenty of modes, storylines up the wazoo and plenty of magical fantasy fighting loosely based on real history. What does Warriors Orochi 2 have? That stuff, and lots more.

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Zerodin3628d ago

I'll take another Warriors Sequel! Can't get too much of a good thing.