PlayStation UK chief Gara joins Amazon

Fergal Gara has joined Amazon UK as director of PC.

He joins the company after four years in charge of PlayStation’s UK and Ireland business.

During his tenure, he helped turn around the firm’s fortunes in the UK. PlayStation was ranked No.3 in terms of console market share when he joined the business and, by the time he left, PS4 was the No.1 games console in the country.

He was in charge of marketing, sales, finance and customer service

Prior to joining PlayStation, Gara spent six years at Asda, which included stints as category director for music, video and games, general manager for entertainment and - eventually - trading director for Asda Direct.

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Eonjay1026d ago

Congrats to Gara. I was wondering where he was gonna end up.

Mr Pumblechook1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Sure he will be working on the PC division, but Amazon's Kindle Fire platform and Twitch purchase suggest they are serious about the gaming business. The question is will they be looking to move into the bigger game and how?

thisismyaccount1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

He´s been in charge of Sony PlayStation UK since 2011, meaning he was in charge for the PS3 doings in that territorial .... if PS3 was only 3rd when he joined Sony, he prolly hasn´t done much to change that image.

Dunno how you can now claim that thanks to him the PS4 is nrº1 in UK. It has to do more that the PS4 is a sexy beast and successful on its own merits and not because he was in charge of it. You could most likely hire an ape from the local Zoo to direct Sony UK and the PS4 would still print money like a wh...