10 Most Underrated Wii U Games

The Wii U gets a rotten deal. And yet its gaming library is packed with unsung heroes - a solid foundation of third-party and lesser known titles on which Nintendo’s castle is equally built.

Here are ten of the best underrated gems available on the system.

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iplay1up2995d ago

Zombi U is a great game, a pain in the rear, I died an embarrassing amount of times my first play through, but I liked it allot. The funny thing is some of the bad reviews of it, are now great now that it's Zombi and on PS4, And XB1.

How can this be, when I checked it out on PS4, it was not nearly as cool as on Wii U, the gamepad was fantastic for this game. The only minor improvements were the splatter on the camera, they were gone, but in terms of graphics same game, in terms of gameplay FAR BETTER on Wii U.

Definitely a great game, in fact I am playing it now, just for fun on Wii U, while I wait for Xeonoblade X next week.

user8966828994d ago

It's just because they are biased against Nintendo and the gamepad just the fact that it doesn't have the multiplayer means it should of scored less but like I said they are biased or Ubisoft paid them

pompombrum994d ago

Awesome time for this article to get acccepted, have literally like a minute ago bought a Wii U in the Black Friday sales and haven't heard of some of these games.

deathtok994d ago

NES Remix 1 & 2 are available retail... well worth it too for $25.

thorstein994d ago

Lego Undercover is a blast. A must have. Mario games are always good, but Mario Maker takes the cake.

Venox2008991d ago

Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 1 & 2 and many others :)

DivineAssault 994d ago

I never played any of these games but i have the lego & w101.. Havent even opened them just yet

blawren4993d ago

Both are fantastic. Lego city was the first lego game i actually wanted to 100%.

DivineAssault 993d ago

Yeah, its going up in price too.. I got it on clearance from TRU for $15 but now its like $40 used

blawren4993d ago

One i would include is batman arkham city armored edition. Strange that this game was my first purchase and in my top 3 wii u games. To me it was a fantastic port. The gamepad made a huge difference.