IGN: The Bosses of Mega Man 9

Picking up in the franchise's timeline, in Mega Man 9 robot riots have sprung up all over the world. While many believe this to be the work of the evil Dr. Wily, Mega Man's creator Dr. Light is stunned to see many of the rioting robots are his own creation. Suddenly, Dr. Wily appears on TV claiming Dr. Light as the evil mastermind behind the attacks and appeals to viewers to help fund his campaign against Dr. Light and the rogue robots. Certain of Dr. Light's innocence Mega Man sets out to stop the riots and unravel the truth behind the attacks. Of course, along the way the Blue Bomber will have to do battle with a variety of (difficult) bosses, three of which IGN has detailed below. To complement today's article, they've included exclusive new artwork and screenshots, all of which can be seen in great supply in their media section.

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Zerodin3781d ago

I say no. Because they don't like anything that isn't BlurayHD Celld!

PirateThom3781d ago

Trolling can be funny, even witty.

You're not funny or witty, you're neither.

ShinFuYux3781d ago

You know, updated graphics, gameplay, boss battles and etc. But, this game, which is basically a port from the NES version.

What's the point of this game???? They better not sell it for 10 dollars or even 5 dollars. This is a 2 dollar game. Seriously...

Or am i missing something here?

They should just port the remake megaman games that where released for the PSP. Those had updated graphics, updated features and etc.

Fernando Rocker3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

You clearly are a newbie gamer. And you clearly don't the definition of port.

ChickeyCantor3781d ago

How is it a "port" if the Graphics are made from scratch?...
And like "updated" gfx are going to matter, the whole point of this game is to bring you back to the original days of Megaman.

Product3781d ago

@shinfuxyux wow...just agree with fernando rocker.

Rhezin3780d ago

I'd rather not be witty than a pompous PRICK! Zerodin is right, though you ps3 fanboys B!TCH CONSTANTLY ABOUT CELL POWER AND POO-RAY being the best. That's why the ps3 is losing because it doesn't appeal to the casual gamer crowd or the old school gamer crowd. And GUESS WHAT THERE'S A LOT IN THAT AREA. So please stop with your trolling "oh I gotta be right and he's wrong about ps3" BULLSH!T. It only makes you look worse.