Gamespot: Line Rider 2: Unbound Updated Impressions - Online Content Sharing

The first incarnation of Line Rider could hardly have been any simpler. You used your mouse to draw a line on a white screen, hit play, and watched a little character sled down the hill you just created--that was more or less it. But despite this stark minimalism, the game picked up a massive following, as the 24,000-plus YouTube search results for "line rider" can currently attest. Now that Line Rider is being spruced up for a full retail release in the form of Line Rider 2: Unbound--a game whose myriad enhancements Gamespot has previously covered--taking this grassroots community following and giving it a proper home has become one of the primary goals for developer InXile Entertainment. To achieve this, InXile is working on turning into an all-purpose community hub where owners of all three versions (Wii, DS, and PC) can share their handiwork to do some good old-fashioned Web 2.0 social networking.

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