'Madden' is not the greatest sports video game

From the article: "Way back in a magical decade known as the 80s, there were these places called arcades and me and my friends would ride our bikes there in the summer and pump these games full of quarters. The original great sports game was Atari Football. This was that table-top style game where the X's played against the O's and the players were controlled by black rolling balls at either end. By the end of the game, you A) were sweaty B) had black hands and C) had pinched your hands a dozen times in the opening between the ball and the console.

This version was much better than the Atari 2600 football which was basically three on three or four on four football. What made this game both horrible and great was that the entire field was on one screen and you could guide the pass after you threw it. My trademark play was to back all the way into one corner of the end zone and throw a pass to the other end zone that traveled diagonally across the field – probably about 150 yards in the air. It would be somewhat challenging to do in real football, but it was a snap on the Atari."

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IzKyD13313632d ago

i dont think anyone ever considered the madden series amazing, let alone the greatest sports series ever.....they release the same title year after year, the only changes made are the rosters and the title

Vicophine3632d ago

NHL 2003 for the Gamecube was my favorite, before that it was 989 Studios NHL 98' for the PS1 :)

Good times...

PoSTedUP3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

i agree cause there was an NHL game back in either 97' or 98' that i really loved on the ps1. but does anybody remember how great FIFA 98' for N64 was? that game was amazing. and another great NHL game was Wayne Gretzky* 3D hockey for the N64 : D

BMX is a sport and Dave mirras BMX for the PS1 blows madden away. the one for ps2 was great too.

1080* Snowboarding for the N64 is still the best snowboarding sim.

so many better sports games than madden. racing is a sport too and GT1,2,3 & 4 are all better than madden IMO.

Overr8ed3632d ago

Only because it is the only game that is Licensed by the NFL thats why it sell well, cause it has real players.

Asurastrike3632d ago

Madden definately isn't the best sports game ever...but that doesn't stop it from being a party favorite.

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