PSN Cards Available In Military Exchange Services Locations

While the PlayStation Network cards are indeed available at several relatively obscure retailers around the world, they're not yet on sale at places like GameStop. However, as we gather more evidence of the PSN cards popping up in a variety of new places, it seems obvious that gamers will soon be able to purchase them just about anywhere.

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Overr8ed3658d ago

Sony said sometime is Sept. i hope they give it to us soon. I want my Pixel junk trophies

Charlie26883657d ago

Look for the Kotaku article regarding the wild PSN cards since in select stores they have been available for a couple months now...but they aren't really advertised and they are almost hidden -_-

WAR_MACHINE773657d ago

all the speedway gas stations in my area have had them for several months now.

madness10103658d ago

this is bothering me i want these to be available so i can actually buy something from that store because there are numerous titles that i would buy if i had the means to

zo6_lover273657d ago

I will be near one of those places tomorrow. To bad I don't know anyone in the military.

Did anyone notice that that article was posted by Mr. Hussein?
Kinda ironic.

SmokingMonkey3657d ago

never seen one in GStop WTF? i want my discount on that Sh!t
i do it for WiiPoints

solidt123657d ago

Military buys alot of consoles. Good move Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.