Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets a New Survival Trailer

Xenoblade Chronicles X is just a few weeks away now and is surely to be in the "RPG of the year" conversation alongside all the big hitters like Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

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NewMonday1116d ago

I want this so bad, would have gotten it day1 if I didn't know about the NX, this winter was supposed to be the time I got a WiiU.

with this game Zelda and Bayonetta 2 the NX will be an instant day 1 console for me.

NewMonday1115d ago

NX should be out this time next year, it would fail if not.

and I still have a big backlog that stacks faster than I can cut it down, otherwise I would have bought the WiiU by now.

wonderfulmonkeyman1115d ago

Coming out next year won't give it the time it needs to form an opening line up of games that will let it win.
That's not enough time for third parties to learn their way around it well enough to properly build games for it, and a strong launch is going to require third party games.

So no; 2017 is essential.
If it releases next year, it will not gain a foothold.

NewMonday1115d ago

3rd party developers already working on the NX for months now. they include [email protected], rumors say it will be standard architecture like PS4/X1 so no trouble for developers this time.

Germany71116d ago

This game looks really amazing, want to play it really soon.

eyeDEVOUR1116d ago

Will this be playable on the NX? When does the NX come out?

Crystallis1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

you dont think it will be released on the NX also?

deafdani1115d ago

Unless the NX is backwards compatible with Wii U games. :P

NewMonday1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

late gen Nintendo games come out on their new consoles

wonderfulmonkeyman1116d ago

It'll only be playable on the NX if the NX is backwards compatible, and most believe that it will be.

As for when the NX comes out, no one actually knows.

If you look at Nintendo's release habits for consoles, though[one every 5 years, almost always releasing the year following their official announcement], and the facts that they want to make the current Wii U owners happy AND need extra time to make great games available for launch, then 2017 seems to be the most likely release date.

NewMonday1115d ago


modern Nintendo consoles are backward compatible so yes.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1115d ago

Uh no. It not even confirmed.

Big_Game_Hunters1116d ago

Have to wait 2 days to play this because no post on sundays/sat... it's worth it for that special edition though.