Age of Conan cybersex player talks to Destructoid

Late last night, Destructoid was contacted by someone claiming to be the instigator of this little fiasco. He's known on Age of Conan as "Fastolf" and he promised us more insight into what went on as well as his complete set of unaltered screenshots from the event. Skeptical? So was I, until he provided both the goods and the above image of his character admitting to relations with a certain robot. Scandalous!

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Filet of Children3659d ago

Seems to me that a GM should have known better. My sympathy for him is low.

Tomdc3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

i have no sympathy for him.

hes a stupid and sad person.

this website aint workin for me =( seems it is down at the mo for some reason...

DarkBlade3659d ago

Is it me or that girl in the pic looks like Morgan Webb from G4.(I mean the face BTW)